It is one of the best Hydro-stop’s products. Above all, it is the successful application of nanometer antibacterial light-catalysis technology. It is formulated with advanced inorganic nanometer germicide, together with acrylic acid polymer, which is modified from nanometer light-catalyst.  The system can fulfil double wide-coverage, and long-term sterilization results.

Technical Data:


Inspection projectStandard

Index values


12 regulationsGB/T9756-2001

In line with all the regulations





Dissociated formaldehydeGB18582-2001



Soluble leadGB18582-2001



Soluble cadmiumGB18582-2001



Soluble chromiumGB18582-2001



Soluble mercuryGB18582-2001



Shelf life and storage conditions

18 months if unopened /Do not freeze it

FlexinterCoat Elastic System

It is so exceedingly resilient that it can be filled in the smallest cracks.  It is especially formulated for food industries, pharmacies, and public places like hotels, restaurants, theatres, hospitals, and schools.

 Advantages & Benefits

  • Made from inorganic nanometer germicide, it can achieve ever-lasting, highly effective and extensive sterilization results
  • Made from inorganic nanometer light-catalyst, it resolves and purifies harmful air
  • Unmatched elasticity, it fills in the most tiny cracks
  • It prevents the moisture from permeating
  • Unrivalled ability to bear scrubbing and pollutant-resistance
  • Resistance against carbonisation and weathering for extra durability
  • It stops cement from sedimentation
  • Outstanding alkali-tolerance and adhesion
  • Excellent quality, and amazing fragrance
  • Safe to install
  • Wide range of colours provide spectacular architectural finish

FlexinterCoat Colour System

It is extremely smooth and elegant. It is best for the decoration at homes and offices.

 Advantages & Benefits

  • Smooth coating and exquisite colours
  • Invincible covering strength, simple to apply
  • Excellent adhesion 
  • Mildew, algae and fungus resistance; coating is long-lasting
  • Strong ability to bear scrubbing
  • Attractive fragrance
  • Non-toxic formulation is safe to apply
  • A wide range of colours available


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