AntisepCoat System

AntisepCoat is one of the best Hydro-stop's antiseptic products. Different ingredients in this system have determined their perfect antiseptic results, essential physical and chemical properties, and overall costs as well. Thanks to the unique properties of different types of resins, each antiseptic coat has its own distinctive characteristics. Consequently, it is vital to choose different antiseptic coats and apply them carefully in response to practical application restrictions and requirements, so that they are able to achieve ideal outcomes.

AntisepCoat-GEL System

AntisepCoat-GEL is exceptionally climate tolerant. It is designed for interior and exterior steel constructions, anti corrosion walls and pipelines. As a result of the its outstanding anti salt-spray fog and acid, it is ideal for the most difficult environments such as the quays, chemical workshops and mechanical surfaces. There are a wide variety of antiseptic coats available like chlorine ether antiseptic coat, acrylic acid polyurethane coat, alkenes sulphonatingly antiseptic coat, passed chlorine antiseptic coat, high chlorine alkenes antiseptic coat, chlorine rubber antiseptic coat, epoxy polyurethane antiseptic coat, and epoxy coal pitch antiseptic coat.

AntisepCoat-MIT System

AntisepCoat-MIT is especially formulated for mighty antiseptic occasions. There are a wide range of different coats, for example, epoxy antiseptic coat, vinyl antiseptic coat, epoxy coal pitch antiseptic coat, and epoxy silica acid ester antiseptic coat, etc.

Epoxy mighty antiseptic coat has powerful acid, alkali and saline tolerance.  It can be applied in environments where there have strict hygiene standards like drinking water, food industry, and swimming pool. Moreover, it is perfect for strong alkali, and high saline content occasions and strong acid content occasions in which their concentration is medium.

Vinyl antiseptic coat is designed for strong acid with high concentration.

Epoxy silica acid ester antiseptic coat is mainly used for anti solvent-corrosions purposes like solvent containers.  It has extraordinary hardness and weather resistance.

AntisepCoat-SPL System

AntisepCoat-SPL system is best for high standards of antiseptics environments.  The system includes high- temperature epoxy silica acid antiseptic coat, and anti-static epoxy strong antiseptic coat.  

High- temperature epoxy silica acid antiseptic coat (silver or black) can be applied for the occasions for a long time where the temperatures reach above 500℃.

Anti-static epoxy strong antiseptic coat is especially designed for anti-static purposes.

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