FlexCoat System

PremiumCoat is one of the highest -quality of sustainable roofing and waterproofing systems available. It is made from the best raw materials and is designed to form most elastic, ultra violet resistant waterproof. Even more significantly, it is fully reinforced with a tough nonwoven polyester fabric, which is ideal for roofing and flashing applications of all types.

 PremiumCoat system consists of PredationCoat base coat and PrenishCoat surface finishing coat. Fabric is used to establish a continuous, and totally sealed waterproofing layer. Both PredationCoat and PrenishCoat are formulated with the best quality of special acrylic acid polymer and other raw materials. They have “ light-solidifying nuclear shell ” effect and “Skin breathing" effect.


  • Metal roof waterproofing and insulating against heat
  • Parapet wall waterproofing
  • Flat and low-pitched roof waterproofing
  • Flashing of all types
  • Concrete waterproofing
  • Plywooden waterproofing
  • Alloy windows and doors waterproofing
  • Exterior wall waterproofing

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Excellent adhesion holds substrate in place even in most turbulence weather
  • Ultraviolet and Infrared resistant for added durability, reduce maintenance costs
  • Extremely elastic, it can stretch along with the gaps and provide flawless waterproof
  • Resist against acid and alkali, lengthen service life
  • " Skin breathing" effect
  • Reduces heat and lowers energy costs
  • Non-toxic formulation is safe to install
  • Meets V.O.C. emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application
  • A wide range of colours available
  • Easy application and cleanup
  • No special equipment required to install
  • It lasts up to 20 years under a proper maintenance schedule

Technical Data:


Inspection projectStandard

Index values


12 regulationsGB/T9755-2001

In line with all the regulations


Tensile strength of cured systemASTM D638



Adhesion strengthPA114



Elongation rateASTM D412



Aging-resistanceASTM G26

3600h no effects noted


Water permeability0.3 MPa, 30mim



Anti-permeabilityon the other side of waterproof coating surface

0.6 MPa


Low temperature flexibility (Ф25mm)

Bend at -25℃ no crackles


Drying time

≤2h (surface)
24h (full cure)
≤7d (complete solidification)


 Acid and alkali resistance ASTM 117

No effects noted


Fungus/algae-resistanceASTM G21/29

No growth supported


Anti - flammability ASTM E108

Class A


Air permeabilityASTM D1653



Shelf life and storage conditions

18 months if unopened / Do not freeze it

Wood Surfaces

 PremCoat has incomparable adhesion and superior Ultraviolet and Infrared resistance for added durability. It is suitable for the harshest environments for the reason that it provides the most efficient and stable waterproofing protection.

Refurbished surfaces and new surfaces

 PremCoat can be applied to both refurbished surfaces and new surfaces. Sunshine is the formidable enemy for waterproofing. Ultraviolet and Infrared can dry the surfaces in a very short period of time. As a result, the dryness leads to cracks. PremCoat offers an absolutely isolating and protecting layer between sunshine radiation and surfaces.


Application Specifics:       

Surface Preparation:

  • Protect adjacent surfaces by covers
  • Remove any loose or flaking particles, scale, dirt, rust or oil
  • Repair any big gaps and cracks by BarerGuard. Change the vertical interfaces into slopes
  • If the base surface is alkali and rusty, paint and seal it firmly for antiseptic and anti-rusty purposes
  • Use 6 or 3 inches wide PremCoat sealing straps to strengthen the bigger gaps, connecting places and corners, and protuberant surfaces.


(A)    Apply one coat of PredationCoat to the primed base. Embed 4 to 6cm Fabric directly into the coating while still wet. Use brush to flatten the surfaces. Ensure that there are no bubbles or creases.

(B)    Apply the second coat of PredationCoat to cover the Fabric. Drying time is approximately 12 hours for full cure.

(C)    Finally, follow with a final coat of PredationCoat

(D)    PremCoat system should be extended at least 15cm-high to the vertical surfaces

Clean Up:

Protect other areas. Thoroughly rinse application equipment with clean water.

PremCoat Metal roofs:

 All leaking points of the commercial metal roofs can be sealed. Lap joints, welding points, tightening points, ventilation pipes, penetrations, skylights, connecting points, and parapets must be tightly sealed. Meanwhile, in the case of metal roofs, it is also the issue of anti-corrosion and heat insulation.

 PremCoat can be perfectly adhered to metal roofs, and be applied for all types of complex structures. It can provide all-in-one, highly efficient and systematic waterproofing, corrosion-resistance and heat insulation solutions.

PremCoat Concrete roofs:

 PremCoat system provides a permanent elastic waterproofing layer against water ingress. It has “skin breathing” effect, and there are no bubbles. The coating can stretch along with the gaps or cracks, and prevent roofs from forming leak points. PremCoat can offer a straightforward waterproofing solution to the most complicated roof structures. If colours are carefully selected, they can reflect most of the sunshine, and have effective heat-insulation and fantastic architectural effects.

 PremCoat is liquid and easily used. It has prominent adhesion, exceeding the strictest American military standards.

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